Before & After School at Provost 2016

Teacher Info

Hi my name is Blaine Hansen, I’ll be running the after school program this year. I’m honored to have this opportunity to run the program after spending three years teaching various clubs and assisting Marialice in administering the program. It has been an honor to be apart of the Provost community and to get to know the wonderful students we have here at the school. I will be doing my best to help provide a positive before and after school experience for the Provost community. GO COUGARS!

You may contact me at, Provost Before and After School club on Facebook, or I often post on the Provost PTA page.


Kindergarten Clubs (Between am-pm blocks)

Kindergarten reteach Monday-Thursday (starts 9/14 referral only)

Creative Building Friday Full


AM Clubs 7:30-8:20 am

Reading adventure: Monday-Friday

Orchestra: Tuesday, Thursday

Choir: Wednesday, Friday

Chess: Wednesday (Starts October 19th)


PM Clubs Monday-Thursday 3:10-4:30 pm, Friday 1:15-2:50 pm


Star  Wars Padawans (1st-3rd grade) Full

Sewing (4th-6th) Full

Lego Engineering 1st-3rd Full


Ballroom Dance 1st-3rd spots available 

Art with Tara Buck 1st-3rd Full

Run Like a Girl (Girls Running) 3rd-6th spots available


Ballroom Dance 4th-6th Full

Boys Running 3rd-6th Full

Hope Club 4th-6th 7 spots available


Sewing 4th-6th Full

Lego Engineering 4th-6th Full


Basketball 1st-3rd Spots available

Lego Engineering 1st-3rd Full


Homework Club Monday-Thursday 3:10-4:30 pm

This year we are offering homework club as a free after school resource for students. Since we are offering this at no charge we are filling spots with teacher referrals. We are using the referrals in order to assure that the students with the highest needs receive the assistance. If your child was not referred to homework club and you feel that there is a high need for your student to attend you may contact the after school coordinator at to see if there is any availability.