Provost 2016-2017 School Year is:

We are going to college, no excuses!

Look for the college and university flags outside of every classroom that go along with our theme. Every student can go to college one day and that reality starts here at Provost!


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Hello and Welcome to Provost!

You have found the webpage of one of the BEST elementary schools in Utah-- a veritable gem of the Provo community. The teaching and support staff is one of the most experienced and innovative in Utah. Here, students truly receive a world class education.

Students have a wide variety of activities to choose from including being a part of our school musical, chess club, running club, choir, orchestra, and storytelling, just to name a few.  We love our students and greatly appreciate the excellent support of our parents and patrons! 


Dr. Oliverson

Ayuda en español disponsible:

Lunes a Jueves:

8:00am a 9:00am

11:00am a 12:00pm

2:30pm a 3:30pm


8:00am a 8:30 am

10:30am a 11:30am





School Calendar for 2016-17 School Year 

We are a Nationally Distinguished Title 1 School! 


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*Provost students are enhancing their literacy and math skills with I READY. Click here to login and boost your child's learning from home! 
**Provost students are enhancing their math skills through IXL math. Click here to log your student in from home!

Prepare for SAGE End-of-Year Assessment with SAGE Training Tests

SAGE (Student Achievement of Growth and Excellence assessment) is the State of Utah's new end-of-year assessment for grades 3-6. The state has provided practice tests for students that are available to parents and students at home, as well as at school. The purpose of the Utah SAGE Training Tests is to familiarize students and teachers with the design, format, and procedures for answering different types of items that will be included in the SAGE Summative assessments.

These tests are aligned to the Utah Core Standards according to their individual grade span and represent both the variety in difficulty and item format that students may see on the SAGE Summative assessments. Some students may have difficulty with some of the content aligned to higher grades within the grade span of each training test. If an item is appears to be too difficult, encourage your students to experiment with the tools, choose the best answer, and move on to the next item.

(**Please note: The training tests will NOT provide scores for students and should NOT be used to measure students’ content knowledge.)

Accessing the SAGE Assessment

To access the SAGE site, go to

1) Click on “Families and Students.” Families have access to two sections – “Training Tests” and “Student and Family Resources.” You can access either section.

2) For more information or to take a practice test, click on “Training Tests.” Then, click on “Training Tests” again.

A page with guest user information will pop up. Click on “Sign In.”

On the “Student Grade Level” drop-down menu, select the desired grade level and click “Yes.”

Select the desired subject.

(**Please note: The “Text-to-Speech” option is NOT available for the practice test. The test will NOT be scored. It is for practice only.)

**Want an easy way to be updated on important dates & activities at school? Click here for instructions on how to download Provo School District's "Parent Link" app onto your phone. Parent Link App



PTA Information

If you have inclusions for the next newsletter, please e-mail them to
Nancy Guthrie 801-368-2930

Our PTA president for the 2016-17 school year is Nancy Guthrie. The PTA would love for every parent to join this year! Though they have a record number of parents this year at over 100 members, they still can always use extra help. It's not too late to join. Check out their bulletin board across from the workroom to see about coming in to help and ask in the office for additional information.

Upcoming Events of Note for PTA & Community Council members:


Help is always needed in the Library, for Spanish translation of fliers and newsletters, for creating and copying invitations and fliers for events, the Great Artist Program and if you have any connections to local businesses that would be willing to donate to the Provost PTA. Check the PTA bulletin board across from the office for who to contact to help and sign up if you are willing to help whenever it is needed.

Character Counts!


Provost students are showing how much good character they have!

A different "Character Counts" theme is chosen each month as we recognize students from every class for having a character trait that is helpful in achieving success both academically and in the real world.


The last Character Counts assembly was in May. September's Character Counts theme is "Friendly".  Students are recognized in the assembly and receive a certificate and vouchers from local businesses.

Our next assembly will be March and the theme will be "Grit!" 


School Trustlands Mid-year Update:

Trustland money at Provost is currently funding a small number of classroom aides and also some additional part-day teaching power on the sixth grade level. Provost is allocated approximately 17,000.00 per year from the state trustlands budget. Provost schedules four yearly community council meetings to give input about the allocation of these funds and holds additional meetings if needed. Besides assisting the school in monitoring the use of trustland money, the community council also reviews and gives input about the literacy programs being used at Provost.


Provost's 2016-17 Bell Schedule:

Grades 1-6 & Full Day Kindergarten
AM Kindergarten
PM Kindergarten
Monday thru Thursday
8:25am to 3:10pm 8:25am to 11:25am

12:10pm to 3:10pm

Early out at 1:20pm 8:25am to 10:35am 11:15am to 1:20pm