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Pre-K to 1st grade students can visit to learn more about letters, learning to read, numbers, and more! 


Grades 3+ can visit to download TimezAttack and continue learning your times tables and division facts on your home computer! Input Provost's school information and use the same password you use at school to access your student account at home. Addition and Subtraction are also available!


Practice your Math skills at home on Log in to your account and try to earn a Smart Score of 100 in different skills to get a medal and win some cool awards for your prize board!


Reading Plus program improves silent reading fluency, which helps students study and complete homework faster, and take tests more efficiently. Students can click on the Reading Plus link and then click on the student login button. Use the same information you do to log in at school to log in at home!


For internet safety games and resources, check out:




The 5th graders are getting a great start on their typing class. The initial goal during the first week was to be able to type 7 words per minute. The skills were reassessed during second week, and the goal was upped to 10 words per minute. This week, the students were tested and Horatio Lewis and Abigail Kirkland both scored 18 words per minute on their lessons!

A good resource for your kids to excel in his/her typing skills, visit the KEYBOARDING link on the left-hand side of the website. The students are currently practicing online HERE.


For fun offline games and activities,

check out THIS site!


Click Here to access book lists and additional activities for Treasures.

Other Fun Websites to Try!

Kids Know It


Fun Brain




PortaPortal (if your teacher has one, you can use it at home too!)

For information about the Great Brain program, click here!

Want to know something cool about your teacher? Visit the Provost's Awesome Teachers page.