Title I


What is Title I?

Title 1 is a Federal Program that provides resources to schools with large populations of low socioeconomic status families. Title 1 status is based on the percentage of students who qualify for free/reduced lunch and not on test scores. Title 1 helps all students access appropriate instruction. It comes with high levels of accountability for administrators, teachers, parents, and students.


What does Title 1 bring to Provost?

- Reading and math interventions

- Increased aide power to provide interventions in the classroom

- Computers & technology

- Training, supplies, and professional development

 Title 1 Coordinator - Provost's Title One Coordinator this year is Jeannette Moreira at email jeannettem@provo.edu

- Preschool

- Summer school support

- Parent liaison

What do patrons of Title 1 schools have the right to know?

Click below for Provost's 2017-18 Title 1 Plan, the Student-Parent-Teacher Compact, Parent Involvement Policy, and Yearly Progress Report:

The documents below are also available in our Title One office. Please contact Jeannette Moreira at jeannettem@provo.edu with any questions.



Title 1 Plan


School-Parent- Compact 


Parent Involvement Policy 


Español   Contracto de PROVOST ELEMENTARY SCHOOL para la esquela y padres 2017-2018

Poliza de Participacion de Padres de Familia 


 Provost School Report Card

Please click HERE to see Provost's report card for 2016-2017.

Provo School District Title 1 Info

You can reach Provost's Title One Coordinator Jeannette Moreira at email jeannettem@provo.edu


 Access the ESEA Title I complaint form here. For Spanish, click here.