Title One


What is Title One?

Title 1 is a Federal Program that provides resources to schools with large populations of low socioeconomic status families. Title 1 status is based on the percentage of students who qualify for free/reduced lunch and not on test scores. Title 1 helps all students access appropriate instruction. It comes with high levels of accountability for administrators, teachers, parents, and students.


What does Title 1 bring to Provost?

- Reading and math interventions

- Increased aide power to provide interventions in the classroom

- Computers & technology

- Training, supplies, and professional development

 Title 1 Coordinator - Provost's Title One Coordinator this year is Jeannette Moreira at email jeannettem@provo.edu

- Preschool

- Summer school support

- Parent liaison

What do patrons of Title 1 schools have the right to know?

-Whether teachers meet the state qualifications and licensing criteria for the grades and subjects he or she teaches.

-Whether the teacher is teaching under emergency or provisional status because of special circumstances.

-The teacher's college major and whether the teacher has any advanced degrees.

-Whether paraprofessionals provide services to your child and if so, their qualifications.

Please know that this information is available to parents by making an appointment with the school to view these documents or to inquire about qualifications of those working with their children.

Click below for Provost's 2016-17 Title 1 Plan, the Student-Parent-Teacher Compact, Parent Involvement Policy, and Yearly Progress Report:

All of these documents below are also available to view in our Title One office (front office), just check in with the office and staff can direct you where to go to view these with Andy Brace.



Title 1 Plan


School-Parent- Compact 


Parent Involvement Policy 


Title One Complaint Form
Español   Contracto de PROVOST ELEMENTARY SCHOOL para la esquela y padres 2016-2017

Poliza de Participacion de Padres de Familia 


Estado de Utah Formulario de Queja Título I
  Notificacion a los Padres Cumplimiento de Ley Publica    

 Provost School Report Card

Please click HERE to see Provost's report card for 2015-2016.

Provo School District Title 1 Info

You can reach Provost's Title One Coordinator Jeannette Moreira at email jeannettem@provo.edu