Community Council Update!

Welcome to the Community Council Page! Here is a list of the council members:

Bryce Bunting - Chair - 801-413-8455
Christine Elgaaen - Vice Chair - 801-375-8018
Nancy Guthrie - 801-356-2717
Lisa Jensen - Member - 801-375-9260
Sarah Metcalf - Member - 801-367-3807
Vicki Guymon - Member and Provost Rep - 801-374-4960
Amy Black- Member and Provost Faculty Rep - 801-374-4960
Steve Oliverson - Principal -  801-374-4960
The most recent Community Council meeting minutes can be accessed HERE
Upcoming Community Council meeting will be:  
March 28th at 11:45 am
*All meetings are held at Provost in the conference room.
*If you want to submit information for the  the bi-monthly newsletter, email Jennifer Wilson @

Some City Council meetings are open to the public. They are held at:
City Center Building (3rd Floor)
351 W Center St
Provo, UT 84601
Main Office: (801) 852-6120
Watch City Council Meetings
Come in person or watch online. If you are unable to attend a Council meeting in person, you can watch a live broadcast from your computer or view a video recording later.

Watch Council Meetings online here 

Watch Council work meetings online here

Provost received approximately $42,000 this school year! Here's how our funds are spent this year:
Four Chromebook Carts - 30 computers each
Tier 3 paraprofessional teaching support - grades K-6
Additional information & resources are available online @ School Land Trust - Home