Community Council Update!

Welcome to the Community Council Page! Here is a list of the council members:

Bryce Bunting - Chair - 801-413-8455
Christine Elgaaen - Vice Chair - 801-375-8018
Nancy Guthrie - 801-356-2717
Lisa Jensen - Member - 801-375-9260
Sarah Metcalf - Member - 801-367-3807
Vicki Guymon - Member and Provost Rep - 801-374-4960
Amy Black- Member and Provost Faculty Rep - 801-374-4960
Steve Oliverson - Principal -  801-374-4960
The most recent Community Council meeting minutes can be accessed HERE
Upcoming Community Council meetings will be:  
   November 29th at 11:45 am
February 21st at 11:45 am
March 28th at 11:45 am
*All meetings are held at Provost in the conference room.
*If you want to submit information for the  the bi-monthly newsletter, email Jennifer Wilson @

Some City Council meetings are open to the public. They are held at:
City Center Building (3rd Floor)
351 W Center St
Provo, UT 84601
Main Office: (801) 852-6120
Watch City Council Meetings
Come in person or watch online. If you are unable to attend a Council meeting in person, you can watch a live broadcast from your computer or view a video recording later.

Watch Council Meetings online here 

Watch Council work meetings online here

Provost received almost $27,500 this school year! Here's how our funds were spent last year:
We used the funds to hire another 2nd grade full time teacher.  This has significantly reduced class size.  It has allowed for flexible grouping that is meeting students needs. Student achievement has increased significantly! 
-Other benefits to having that extra 2nd grade teacher.
Every student has access to a certified teacher during reteaching time.
Math classes are grouped according to student needs
Higher achieving students are receiving an enriched math curriculum that moves beyond 2nd grade concepts
At-risk students are becoming proficient with math and reading essentials. 
 Overall end of year test scores improved by 5%
Additional information & resources are available online @ School Land Trust - Home